I found another critic-from-the-left of left libertarianism!

The proprietor of the The Left Libertarian channel at YouTube tells us:

I should also say that I have nothing to do with The Alliance of the Libertarian Left, which is a centrist libertarian platform. My videos promote the 3 schools of Left-Libertarianism: Libcom, Collectivism, and Mutualism.

On the one hand, they distance themselves from left libertarianism on the grounds that it’s a centrist libertarian platform, as do I.  On the other hand, the channel promotes mutualism.  It’s not clear to me one way or the other whether I’ve found a fellow anagorist.  Claimed by the same YouTube user is The Left Libertarian Appendix channel.  Their video Consumer Democracy is a critique of the notion of dollar democracy, i.e. “one dollar one vote:”

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1 Response to I found another critic-from-the-left of left libertarianism!

  1. Derek says:

    I am a mutualist and I am also critical of the “centrism” of ALL. I still identify as a left-libertarian if the term is used in a more radical sense (i.e., libertarian socialism). Murray Bookchin, for instance, has used the word to describe his views.

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