Quotebag #42

“Quotebag” has a function similar to that of “lazy linking.” Hopefully we will get back to your regularly scheduled programming ASAP.

“The real gap is not between public and private sectors, but between the rich and poor.”—Phil Dickens

“It’s like naming our murder weapons after victims of our crimes: Apache, Tomahawk… It’s as if the Luftwaffe were to call its fighter planes ‘Jew’ and ‘Gypsy.’”—Noam Chomsky

“Anyone who truly thinks that the antithesis of capitalism and consumerism is statism is either highly misinformed or a part of the propaganda system.”—Julia Riber Pitt

“Suppose for the sake of argument that gifted classes have zero long-run benefit. Even so, what’s wrong with giving young nerds a classroom of their own to spare them thirteen years of boredom and peer abuse?”—Bryan Caplan

“It is not true that capitalism provides freedom. Your statement is total idealism. Real men have real material needs and so long as these needs require satisfaction for a continued life and existence, men have no choice in their need to work and eat and breath.”—Zeitgeist

“The way to freedom is how we get our food.”—White Indian

“While personal and voluntary austerity measures are empowering; forced austerity, whether it is public or personal, is debilitating.”—Tanzilla

“The threat of the streets keeps many in jobs that compromise conscience and safety. The job system is an unnecessary systemic and rather torturous device for social control.”—Jack Saturday

“The only actual purpose of this is to facilitate intelligence gather and machine translation toward that end. I’ll do what I can to create countermeasures.”—anonymous

“Economics, interesting [as] it is, never struck me as very scientific.”—Pandaemoni

“If the elite status cannot be commonly seen, then it must be imposed. Hence, institutional structures like royal families, aristocratic classes, and executive professional networks maintaining exclusive access to power.”—Jeremy Weiland

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