But who would empty the trash?

In The big lie about capitalism… at The Ⓐ Word:

If everyone were a millionaire, who would empty the trash or repair the sewers?

An important point, but the trouble with that logic is that one could similarly argue: If everyone were economically secure, who would… The idea that humyn nature is so constituted that doing what needs to be done, and might not be fun, requires someone to have a fire under one’s buns from (take your pick) competition, precarity, authority…is, more than the state, more even than the dominance/submission reflex, what anarchism is against. So, as an argument for social anarchism, it seems weak.

My thoughts on this are, what everyone wants (well, certainly what I want) is to be a contributing member of society.  Since market economics makes this a privilege rather than a right, there are many of us who would be grateful for the opportunity to work in shit processing.

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