Quotebag #42

“Evidently, somebody thinks that someday there will be an endgame in the war on terrorism. But there will never be an endgame in the war on terrorism.”—John Mohawk

“True, liberal transparency is asymmetrical. As a citizen, I should know everything my government is doing on my behalf, and it should know nothing — beyond those things we have as citizens agreed to share with it — about what I am doing. Public means public, open and transparent, and private means as private as anyone wants to be. In a tyranny, it’s the other way round. The government is secret and private lives are open to government scrutiny.”—ejoftheweb

“Personally, I’d look to the open source community to respond with a Skype replacement.”—Carolyn Ann

“These days the words ‘freedom and equality’ are part of the vocabulary of each and every one of us. But make a few inquiries and ask: What is freedom? and you will be told ‘Freedom means freedom of opinion, freedom of the press, freedom of association and assembly, the freedom of secrecy of correspondence’. Ask: What is equality? and you will be told: ‘All citizens are equal before the law, with no difference between the high-born and the yokel.’ Now, such narrow definitions have nothing to do with true freedom, true equality.”—Ba Jin

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