Quotebag #45

“The more you look for crime, the more you put crime into people’s minds. I stand by my opinion that ‘externalizing’ morality is a really bad idea. If you make it impossible to be bad, you also make it impossible to be good. When commiting a… crime becomes a matter of outwitting a camera, conscience is left out of the loop. This is social-insectville, people. If crime amounts to outwitting technology, why not try? I don’t want to be watched—and I don’t want to watch the watchers either. I want to watch Star Trek.”—Bill Goodwin

“Propaganda works. It really, really does.”—Michael Alan Miller

“Many books good, no books bad.”—Clarissa

“It’s helpful to understand that society penalizes people for doing what they enjoy, at least insofar as this fails to make other people money. With most of us already scraping by, greater penalties can add up to a decision to accept more of what you hate. You have to develop a strategy to get around this problem, one way or the other — and preferably before you are dead.”—J. R. Boyd

“I use Facebook not because I love Facebook (I certainly don’t), but because everyone else uses Facebook. I just joined Google+, and will use that instead of Facebook if enough other people use it. If enough people flock to yet another platform, I’ll use that instead. Meanwhile I love Diaspora in principle (I was an early Kickstarter backer, before they surpassed their initial $ goal), but I don’t use it, because not enough other people do. When it comes to social networks, I am a sheep.”—Sepp Hasslberger

“The notion that a price is ‘correct’, as long as no explicit threat has been issued or a cartel has been cooked up in a smoke-filled room, entirely ignores everything else which is at stake in the way that prices get set and judged.”—Will Davies

“What, somebody’s fortune wasn’t built on the backs of poor laborers, consumers, and taxpayers?”—Poor Richard

“[S]ubsidy is public money that supports private concern — otherwise it is not subsidy, but investment.”—@FreePublicTrans

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