Quotebag #46

“On the supply side a community may have a electricity company, a water company, a gas company, oil companies (gasoline), and waste stream companies (sewer, trash, recycle, compost). Each company is siloed and views their job as maintaining and operating a supply chain for an ever growing demand for their service. Some pay lip service to demand reduction at times but it is a ‘fox in the hen house’ situation.”—Michel Bauwens

“If Google’s knowledge about my personal quirks were for sale to prospective employers I would be unemployable and chances are you would too. Think about how many employers would refuse to hire a Green Party member. Now multiply that by 1000 traits. We are NOT ready for a transparent society. ”—Pangolin

“The libertopian anarcho-capitalist’s whole schtick essentially derives from his pretense that transactions are perfectly consensual and social orders sublimely peaceable even when they are stratified by unequal knowledge and misinformation and driven by what amount in the context of informal and precarious labor to permanent threats of force.”—Dale Carrico

“This is how we could describe global capitalism in a nutshell: all of your rights end where a landlord’s so-called ‘rights’ begin. The squatters had every moral reason to protect their homes from the state and its capitalist masters. I give them my full support.”—Τζούλια Ρήμπερ Πιτ

“Personally, I think the anti-government twits (did I just reveal my hand? Oops) have it all wrong. The biggest threat to civil liberty in this country is not the government. It’s private enterprise.”—Carolyn Ann

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2 Responses to Quotebag #46

  1. Wise words, but why do we so often avoid plain english? Is it so the rich folk won’t understand?

    • n8chz says:

      Plain English spoken here. Dale Carrico can be long-winded, but his heart is definitely in the right place. And yes, sometimes there is a place for speaking in code, although I don’t think this is that place. At least I hope not.

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