Quotebag #47

“How is it that the morality of debt can trump any other recognizable form of morality, and make things that no one would ever, possibly agree with in any other context seem suddenly acceptable?”—David Graeber

“I don’t think of Murray Rothbard as somebody that academics need pay any attention to, other than historians studying the American right during the second half of the twentieth century”—Robert Vienneau

“Of course, it’s easy to forget how many choices are made because no other option is available and how often oppressive systems coerce people into enthusiastic participation in their own oppression.”—Clarissa

“The profit motive emerges naturally in a money-based economy, because money equals power. One needs a bare minimum of money-granted power to pay for essentials (food, water, shelter), and any money beyond that grants more and more freedom: the more money you have, you can acquire more things, do more things, and get people to do more things for you. Therefore, the incentive is naturally to get as much money as possible.”—Zacqary Adam Green


“People who have reached the point of despair after years and years of struggling don’t need to be berated for feeling frustrated.”—anonymous

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