Quotebag #48

“The idea that trade is some sort of platonic ideal of virtue, and that it’s not really just a mode of interaction that can be used to accomplish anything when you set the rules a certain way, floors me.”—Jeremy Weiland

“History shows that a mode of travel always deteriorates right after the rich abandon it.”—David Brin

“If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.”—Andrew Lewis

“When modern Anarchists talk about Anarchism being a conclusion based on self ownership, they demonstrate extreme ignorance of the history of Anarchism.”—anonymous

“This is a great trap of the twentieth century: on one side is the logic of the market, where we like to imagine we all start out as individuals who don’t owe each other anything. On the other is the logic of the state, where we all begin with a debt we can never truly pay. We are constantly told that they are opposites, and that between them they contain the only real human possibilities. But it’s a false dichotomy. States created markets. Markets require states. Neither could continue without the other, at least, in anything like the forms we would recognize today.”—David Graeber

“Hey, I guess to some folks a free market takes precedent [sic] over free humans.”—MountainHiker

“People benefit from most of the spending in direct proportion to their net worth (i.e. the purpose of military, police, social programs, etc. is largely to protect peoples’ property from threats foreign and domestic – which the benefit from in direct proportion to the amount of property they have).”—Jerry

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