In lieu of a comment, on the “multiverse models”

William Gillis has a no-comment policy over at Human Iterations, where it says

  • Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site.

…whatever that means.  At any rate, I wrote the following comment on The Human-Level Implications of Multiverse Models before I discovered the no-comment policy:


Nothing ambiguous about it.  It’s not slaughtering free will while keeping it alive.  It’s slaughtering free will without keeping it alive.  If the decision tree is a static structure, it is a static structure going forward as well as backward.  Even the idea of consciousness steering itself through the downstream decision tree is utter illusion.  After all, how can alternative future instances of yourself be a person other than yourself?  You are simply a static decision tree within a static decision tree.  Call me religious, but I don’t think a non-mystical explanation for free will is possible.

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