Share a fear that you’re working to overcome.

I’ll share several:

  • The fear of being proven wrong. This, of course, is the motivation behind my creation of the present blog. Intellectually, I know I’m wrong. This is my act of defiance in the face of even that.
  • The fear of the marketplace. Anagorism is just a fig-leaf term for agoraphobia. Hiding psychology behind philosophy much?
  • The fear of failure. What is the market ideology if not a celebration of the freedom to fail?
  • The fear of success. For the usual reason. Fearing that I could forget where I came from, so to speak, and start holding people like my present self in contempt.

About n8chz

पृथ्वी की उच्च किराया जिले में उद्यमिता कौशल अभाव
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