Quotebag #49

“Maybe it has to do with the fact that my eyes glaze over when I see mention of IQ taken seriously.”—Neverfox

“[T]he benefits of greater efficiency are accruing to the already-rich and not society at large, greatly increasing income inequality. I’ve seen no economist explore that, because it does not fit the narrative.”—Chill

“There is going to be a jobless future and the way out of that is to put our faith in hand-waving, fairy-tale answers like ‘innovation’ and ‘entrepreneurship.’”—Pangolin

“In my opinion, one of the biggest weaknesses of Enlightenment liberalism was its naive belief that by just allowing people to engage in whatever economic activity they want without restriction society is aiding in the fulfillment of individual liberty.”—John Madziarczyk

“Hayek was especially right about the importance of near universal transparency so that the most participants could compete with the most knowledge.”—David Brin

“That’s why QE does not fix the economy. Because the money goes to the people who already have money. For QE to work, money must go to people who don’t have money.”—The Arthurian

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