Quotebag #50

“[Mitt] Romney, as an executive, was to downsizing what Typhoid Mary was to typhoid.”—Kevin Carson

“The part that doesn’t make sense about Libertairan Oil Platform Nations is that if they have enough wealth to be self-sustaining, then they have enough wealth to buy a government. The oil platform is unnecessary.”—rewinn

“They claim to support having ‘voluntary authority’ or ‘voluntary hierarchy’ – who would willingly choose to be on the bottom of the hierarchy?”—Τζούλια Ρήμπερ Πιτ

“Randism is as much a blight on society as Communism is.”—Larry Hart

“It’s time to break the job trance: the concept of J.O.B. as sole or ultimate Justification Of Being for humans. Jobs are simply no longer sufficient nor scalable to adaptive progress, moving forward.”—@silverton

“Overcoming Bias is the most ironically titled blog that has ever existed.”—CM

“Nothing like dumping medicine, heal thyself is so much better, after all, we wouldn’t want to impair evolutionary fitness.”—Lord

“The fruits of capitalism, spreading poverty and unemployment, plus billions of dollars for the few, routinely get portrayed as the result of personal failings, bad luck or stupid life choices, not as systemic design flaws.”—Saul Landau

“As we anarchists like to say, all knowledge and all physical capital come from collective effort and are the joint inheritance of the entire species.”—Summerspeaker

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