In the market economy, you have to market yourself.

It looks like the Invisible Hand is picking the winners and losers, and entrepreneurship is a requirement for not being a loser, at least according to marginalist dogma. I wonder whether the free-market anticapitalists are OK with this, assuming of course it’s true, as it sure seems to be.

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6 Responses to In the market economy, you have to market yourself.

  1. marjaerwin says:

    Well, I’m not convinced whether freed markets would require people to market themselves, but the present system requires people to market themselves, and that’s one of the many shitty things about it – this marketing requirement piles insult upon injury for people who are not neurotypical or are recovering from trauma.

    And, until I’m convinced that freed markets won’t require people to market themselves, it’s one of the reasons I’m not going to commit to one form of anarchism.

  2. I’m a free-market anti-capitalist and I’m not OK with this because I’m an anti-capitalist.

  3. It doesn’t “seem to be” to me at all. Kling’s description sounds like a neoliberal capitalist society of the kind that Gingrich idealized in the ’90s. How does it apply in an economy where a much larger share of total needs are met through self-provisioning or informal/gift economies, and where in what remains of the wage labor sector jobs are competing for workers instead of vice versa?

    • n8chz says:

      We’ll see, whether “niches” turn out to be “low-hanging fruit” in the the freed market, or at least sufficiently low-hanging to allow dignity without entrepreneurship. I’m “agnostic” concerning that proposition.

      • Poor Richard says:

        Niches are still low hanging but I think they continue to grow more transitory. I could say the trick is to spot the fruits quickly and get to them first…but that sounds too self-centered. The gang I roll with (hypothetically) will pool our pickings and divide them up according to need or good looks or something…

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