Quotebag #53

“I am optimistic that in 100 years the world will find a new economic system. I am optimistic that this system wont resemble capitalism or socialism at all.”—Rohit

“While technology offers solutions to resource problems in theory, in practice it also favors greater stratification of wealth and power. If recent trends continue we may be faced with a future of corporate neofeudalism (privatized governance).”—Poor Richard

“Scarcity pricing tickets to an expert’s panel on a new beginning for communism takes chutzpah.”—Jack Crow

“Businesses, especially big ones, aren’t any more efficient or competent than government just because they have to pursue a profit margin. What gives the impression that they are is just that their decisions are made behind closed doors without them being subject to public scrutiny and complaining.”—Eric B.

“Instead of ‘the dismal science,’ economics might be referred to as ‘the dismal religion.’”—Buffalo14

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पृथ्वी की उच्च किराया जिले में उद्यमिता कौशल अभाव
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2 Responses to Quotebag #53

  1. Economics was originally nicknamed the “dismal science” by defenders of slavery because it supported antislavery arguments. FWIW.

    • n8chz says:

      Hmm, something to consider, considering that one is judged by the company one keeps. Perhaps instead of referring to economics as a dismal science, I should refer to it as a field of combat in which no good deed goes unpunished.

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