Quotebag #55

“How come the people who say they worry about SS going broke never worry about the US Armed Forces going broke? Because they WANT SS to go broke.”—Bill Wald

“You can’t ‘spend’ your way out of public debt but you can’t cut or save your way out of it either.”—Poor Richard

“Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and rebellion.”—Oscar Wilde

“Everybody needs to make a living, and in our system, everybody needs to do so visibly and individually, which means we are all co-opted to some degree, trained to chase the various currencies of success (grants, papers, awards, accolades, sales, page views).”—Justin Podur

“Sure, you’ll tell me about the moral hazard of giving someone something for free — never mind the trillions we’ve given to banksters and other common thieves. And you’ll tell me how those people should’ve just gotten a job — never mind that there are 4.3 applicants for every open position.”—Michael Alan Miller

“The puppet hanging on the board is Paul Samuelson, iconic mathturbater and textbook author, whose Economics taught a generation of economists to bark like trained seals, ‘Lump-of-labor fallacy! Lump of labor fallacy!’ The mouth opens and closes; the arms and legs flap.”—Sandwichman

“We have the basic fact, pointed out by Adam Smith all those years ago, that the bosses will combine in order to lower wages just as readily as and with far greater ease than workers can combine to raise wages. Most capitalists will also be at pains to point out, in different contexts of course, that labour is a cost. We are nothing but a resource which it is in their interests to get as much out of for as little as possible. Hence the class antagonism created by the wage labour system.”—Phil Dickens

“My primary autistic problem is poverty.”—Laura Nagle

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