Quotebag #56

“I agree about the negative consequences of ‘crony capitalism’. But is crony capitalism only defined as an unwholesome alliance between government and business? What about unwholesome alliances between businesses?”—Poor Richard

“A common job interview question is ‘Why do you want this job?’ And the true answer, ‘Because it’s a job,’ is not acceptable.”—impudent strumpet

“Contempt is the only way to manage others.”—Jack Crow

“The last thing the European left ever needs to do is follow America’s lead of all things when it comes to resistance, just as the last thing US Occupiers need is to lose themselves in a narcissistic fantasy that they are leading the world only to be lead by the nose by incumbent-elites to domesticate a real possibility for organized resistance into another Burning Man.”—Dale Carrico

“I also have a sense that many of the most ardent reactionaries hold to a very strange version of the labor theory of value, wherein the unworthy poor are sapping surplus off of the vigorous masters.”—Nerdy McGee

“Remember, modern elites are trained to think in terms of cost-benefit analyses. If the cost to them of not giving in is less than the cost of not giving in, they won’t give in. It took trillions of dollars to bail out Wall Street. They take home billions of dollars in personal bonuses. You must cost them, personally, more than that, for them to want to give in.”—Ian Welsh

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