Quotebag #58

“I think property is like power, Soma. If you don’t use it, defend it, teach it and perhaps most of all, prevent others from having it — it loses not only the value determined by exclusivity, but [its] ability to grab hold of the minds of those without it. ”—Jack Crow

“Exchangeable value requires coercion and creates hierarchies.”—Anatole David

“The RIAA’s political strategy in the war on piracy has been alternately to oppose and support government regulation of the Internet, depending on what’s expedient. I wonder if rights owners and the trade groups that represent them experience any sense of cognitive dissonance when they advocate against something at one moment and for it a little while later—to the same audience, on the same issue.”—Annemarie Bridy

“If you want freedom and justice, then work towards equality and solidarity.”—Marja Erwin

“It’s worth asking, largely rhetorically, how many jobs are created by requiring public schools students to take a loyalty oath first thing in the morning.”—Eric B.

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