Quotebag #59

“Doing business, even small business, requires mystification.”—Jack Crow

“The phrase ‘commercial in confidence’ implies a conspiracy; a conspiracy that should be unlawful.”—ejoftheweb

“You folks in the 53% movement are being played.”—Kevin Carson

“Yes there are kooks on the left, there are kooks on the right too and as far as I’m concerned all moderates are kooks.”—Skex

“I’m never shocked when powerful people abuse others. I’m shocked when they don’t.”—Mel

“Interaction can be divided into competitive and cooperative. Competition is transacted through power plays, cooperation is free of free of power plays.”—Claude Steiner

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पृथ्वी की उच्च किराया जिले में उद्यमिता कौशल अभाव
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