Quotebag #60

“Obfuscation is just another marketing tool.”—KenG_CA

“I don’t see the moral or ethical distinction between a rich person paying a lawyer to pay less tax and a poor person not declaring his cash work to the benefits office because if he did they’d cut his benefits pound for pound. One is lawful because it is lawyered, the other technically criminal, both are the result of a broken tax system.”—ejoftheweb

“I too had to practically flog myself to read Atlas Shrugged. It is grossly repetitive and pedantic. It’s like being whacked with a hammer again and again and again while being asked ‘did you get the point?’… when you could hardly have missed it the first time around.”—anne.ominous

“First impressions matter, and a failed first impression is hard to overcome. One of the most important factors in a first impression, from future employers to prospective lovers, is a winning smile. In fact, a good smile has become so important over the last thirty or so years it has become ‘a test’ for whether someone is part of the middle class.”—John Robb

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2 Responses to Quotebag #60

  1. I guess anne.ominous didn’t realise it wasn’t the same point each time.

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