Quotebag #61

“The existent of a tax advice profession is a strong indicator of a tax system that is too complex.”—ejoftheweb

“Illegal immigration is not a crime; it’s an offence made up by nationalists. For there to be a crime, there needs to be a victim. Lines on a map are not people. Grow up.”—Marcel Dubois

“A capitalist class, by the way, that has an interest in you being ashamed of being poor, to induce you to accept more than a free person would normally accept.”—Marcel Dubois

“You see, the argument that will be made to point out that the choice between ‘work with taxation or no work’ is an artificial one, is the same one I will use myself to point that ‘work for a boss or don’t work’ is an artificial choice just as well. You want the option to live in a society where nobody has to pay taxes, I want the option to work in a society where nobody has to work for a boss.”—db0

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