Quotebag #63

“Few employers want to hire workers who have experience and have already commanded decent salaries and know their rights. It’s like the desire to fuck virgins in hopes they’re so ignorant they won’t realize you’re lousy in bed.”—Jennifer Kesler

“A ‘big player’ potentially can hamper and harm the market almost always. Even in an anarchic context.”—Silvano Fait

“Ron Paul, like all market libertarians, declares market exchanges and contractual arrangements ‘non-violent’ by fiat, whatever the misinformation and duress that actually prevail over their terms; he believes that the contingent historical artifact of regulations, treaties, pricing conventions, provincial customs, norms, infrastructural affordances that passes for ‘the market’ here and now is somehow an eternal and natural and spontaneous order; and he believes that the contingent historical artifact parochially construed by him as a reasonable responsible resourceful possessive individual subject is likewise given and natural. Like all market libertarians (and I do suspect all libertarians, always, even those who imagine themselves to be of the left) his is a vision of freedom and dignity that requires the treatment of key assumptions and institutions of the status quo as natural and inevitable rather than as artificial and historical, and hence his is a profoundly reactionary viewpoint at its base.”—Dale Carrico

“Not everything has, or should have a price.”—Juliet Schor

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