Another survey instrument

In the spirit of the Agnostic Ideology Sorter, but far more specific. This Likert scale survey is intended to pinpoint the specific beliefs of free-market anticapitalists, and to highlight similarities and differences between them, their closest allies and people who may be orthogonal to them or something. It seems there are a lot of subtleties in the market, non-state sector, and sometimes it’s not obvious to me what exactly they have in common with the non-market, non-state sector; and what they don’t. As usual, presented here is a first draft. The software for tabulating and analyzing responses is yet to come. Right now what I’m seeking from readers in the form of comments is not filled out surveys (although I’ll add them to the database of responses if requested to do so) so much as suggestions for additional survey items, more straightforward wording for survey items, etc. Circle is “radio button”, square is “check box”. These are represented here by circular and square Unicode characters because WordPress bypasses FORM elements and their controls. The column of check boxes to the right is labeled “more?” and if the visitor checks the box, the next screen will offer a text area where they can elaborate on how they interpreted the question, why they object to the question, why they answered the way they did, etc.

true of free markets as I understand them true of capitalism as I understand it
SD D N A SA SD D N A SA more?
Competition over survival is necessary
Prices incorporate all information
Results in maximum possible efficiency
All private parties are price takers
Requires or implies a subsidy-free economy
The law of one price is in effect
Requires price transparency for optimum performance

The following are being asked about whatever economic allocation mechanisms you consider workable, whether market-based or not. Whatever it is, what conditions need to be met to make it work?
necessary to avoid system breakdown necessary to optimize outcomes
SD D N A SA SD D N A SA more?
participants being creatures of incentive
participants having skin in the game
participants not being able to take survival for granted

I identify with:
SD D N A SA more?
thick libertarianism
thick individualism
thick voluntarism
property rights
"sticky" property
market abolitionism
abolition of money
free markets
universal basic income
society-wide solidarity
species-wide solidarity

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3 Responses to Another survey instrument

  1. marjaerwin says:

    I’m not sure what ‘skin in the game’ is supposed to mean, and I’m uneasy with the way it’s used in the empire’s political discourse. It gets used to suggest that those who have been dispossessed should be disenfranchized – I mean disenfranchized from society, not only disenfranchized from the voting ritual.

    • n8chz says:

      I’ve been thinking about that one for a while. All of a sudden this showed up on a blog I read:

      I can repeat until I’m blue in the face that I’m committed to my university. People don’t believe me, though, because I haven’t offered them the ultimate proof of “being serious about this job” by getting into a huge debt to “buy” a house in the area.

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