Quotebag #64

“As a policy matter, austerity measures are nothing but a kind of pseudo-scientific bloodletting, treating as a treatment the weakening of the weakest. As a moral matter, austerity measures are nothing but a kind of brutal bullying, treating as a treat the weakening of the weakest.”—Dale Carrico

“I’m not sure what ‘skin in the game’ is supposed to mean, and I’m uneasy with the way it’s used in the empire’s political discourse. It gets used to suggest that those who have been dispossessed should be disenfranchized — I mean disenfranchized from society, not only disenfranchized from the voting ritual.”—Marja Erwin

“Commerce is not debatable: it is organized pillage; it legally robs both those who produce and those who consume.”—Joseph Déjacque

“If I didn’t do some compromising at my job and refused to support ideas that were against mine, I would be unemployed.”—Jimmy Abraham

“We need a really well written piece that utterly destroys the ECA in as few words as possible.”—Bob Howes

“Oh boy, the DOD is the world’s largest employer. And they said we couldn’t create jobs. Bonus, those jobs also kill potential job seekers, so it’s like doubly helpful to the unemployment rate.”—Broadsnark

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