Higher education meets weekly rates

Below is one side of a handbill found in my mailbox. It advertises the course offerings of Dominican International Institute, which bills itself as “the most affordable & innovative in Higher Education…”

Back page of the DII ad

Back page of the ad from DII (Dominican International Institute)

Half (15 of 30) courses listed on their “mini-catalog” (but there are a total of more than 600 courses) are under the heading “School of Health & Medicine.” The innovation of weekly rates, no-interest financing, and apparently superlative affordability, combined with the recent political shitstorm concerning Catholic (and other sectarian) hospitals (and other sectarian employers other than places of worship) and their employee benefits, combined of couse with my natural paranoia (but everyone has that, right?) leads me to wonder whether Mother Church wants an all-Catholic (specifically Dominican?) supply chain for hospital personnel. Here’s the front page:

They claim their tuition is “lower than any college in Michigan.” If it lives up to the hype, then it’s a game-changer. The MCC referred to is Macomb Community College, which is a public college. No doubt MCC is the infrastructure for the “600 courses & 35+ Careers…” while this parochial entity gets credit for revolutionizing the cost structure of higher education.

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1 Response to Higher education meets weekly rates

  1. n8chz says:

    Hmmm, looking at the website http://www.dominicaninternationalinstitute.org, it’s not clear that this is a Catholic institution. If anything, the overall tone seems a little new-agey.

    (about two minutes later)

    Ah, Dominican as in Republic. It’s one of those Caribbean med schools. My paranoia serves me wrong, for once. 🙂

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