The revolution will not be hosted

Business is as business does, and if you’re not the paying customer, you’re the product being sold. If you’re on, you will now be able to view your statistics only at It doesn’t appear to affect functionality beyond the need for many of us to reset some bookmarks. I guess it’s just the imperiousness of it all that’s putting people off. But still I say, if you want editorial independence for whatever it is you have to tell the world, you need a noncommercial venue.

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2 Responses to The revolution will not be hosted

  1. Poor Richard says:

    Instead of “non-commercial” or even “public” I lean towards the cooperative style of joint user-ownership. I think the central issue for me is democracy rather than commerce per se.


  2. Lori says:

    Day before yesterday, give or take a day, WordPress stats suddenly included a list of visits by country, in addition to the familiar “Top Posts & Pages,” “Search Engine Terms,” “Referrers,” and (outbound) “Clicks.” And then it was gone. A fleeting glimpse of a feature soon to be added? Maybe a teaser for some feature that’s in the “Upgrade to Pro” package whose link I haven’t gotten around to clicking, and probably never will? Perhaps I will never know.

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