Quotebag #70

“A movement to Occupy, from my perspective, has to avoid the temptation to be about expanding the ranks of the winners, or changing the composition of the winners. It has to subvert the contest altogether.”—Freddie

“Many threats to freedom come from capitalists. The story is no longer capitalism and freedom, but capitalism against freedom. Two of the world’s largest economies — China and Russia — show that capitalism can exist quite happily without political freedom.”—Norman Geras

“For those with some political and historical knowledge, those who carefully file their definitions, an anarchist is someone that doesn’t believe state power is the object of struggle with the dominant social order but, a socially responsible and autonomous humanity — is — the object of struggle.”—Larry Giddings

“We will never get anything but the proverbial table scraps by begging from the rich or appealing to their better nature.”—Purple

“I don’t believe there is a class of lazy people who deserve to starve, rather such a class of people who cannot find work is the creation of capitalism itself, through its profit system.”—radicalprogress

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