Quotebag #72

“Gayhoods and girlhoods are significant…

… even the erased ones.”—Valerie Keefe

“It is always magical thinking to declare an outcome need only be profitable for it to be possible.”—Dale Carrico

“As a physicist, I will tell you one thing: no matter how afraid you are of nuclear war, you are not afraid enough.”—voxcorvegis

“The minority* of white, comfortable motherfuckers with vacation homes and private land lecturing the victims, the poor, the damaged, the abused, the raped, the herded, the harassed, the imprisoned, the exploited, the evicted, the institutionalized, the penalized and the discarded on what are and are not appropriate responses to victimization — that shit is rich. Literally. It takes a comparatively rich motherfucker to confuse the play-acting, submission rituals and lying of ‘civilized’ society with any end to institutional depravity, inequity and the hierarchies which profit from the same.”—Jack Crow

About n8chz

पृथ्वी की उच्च किराया जिले में उद्यमिता कौशल अभाव
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