Quotebag #73

“One of the reasons it’s so easy to condemn the public sector is that it is so, well, public. Government makes decisions in front of everyone. Even a cub reporter can easily uncover problems. The private sector, on the other hand, acts in secret.”—David Morris

“I figure governments and corporations alike will seek to bottle of the genie of superintelligence. Expect very bad things if they succeed.”—Summerspeaker

“Homework: Think about ways that land based drones (air/ground) can maintain operation in a built up area for a year or more while remaining mobile and independent.”—John Robb

“Forget any notion that the ‘sharp elbows’ of the middle classes will be employed to make room for less privileged families; they bond, network and move within their class, there is scarcely any cross-class ‘bridging’.”—Stuart Weir (h/t Michel Bauwens)

“Does one have to have a PhD or be in the process of getting a PhD to be a considered an expert? This is the framework of the bourgeoisie, not a way to empower or give voice to a working class.”—Purple

“I am almost totally adult, but the child that used to be me has not committed suicide. He is still here inside me.”—Giulio Prisco

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