Quotebag #75

“If you remain neutral in a battle between a lion and a gazelle, you’ve effectively sided with the lion, and the gazelle isn’t going to appreciate it.”—Natalie Reed

“If there’s a chance for the wealthy to capture a social instrument, they will. If there’s an opportunity to use it to dump on the despised, it will be taken.”—Jack Crow

“The human resources folk who do this judging should somehow have to answer to the people they are nosing into.”—David Brin

“Getting a lousy public education, then being played against your fellow workers in Darwinian fashion by the free market economy does not make for optimism or open mindedness. It makes for a kind of bleak meanness nobody is openly talking about in the American political dialogue today.”—Joe Bageant (1946–2011), h/t Jack Saturday

“The legal and cultural norms of the U.S. are based around the notion that it is a middle class nation. It isn’t.”—Purple

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