What is capitalism?

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2 Responses to What is capitalism?

  1. Lindsay says:


    My answer for “other” might not have been as clear as it could’ve been, since your poll has a character limit.

    Capitalism is a lot of things, but one of the things it does that bothers me the most is it turns moral and ethical questions into economic ones. It puts a dollar value on everything, including human and animal life, and the health and functioning of ecosystems, and thus makes it possible for corporations and governments to justify destroying those things if the price is right.

    (Derrick Jensen, a thinker I really like, says something about capitalism being a way of changing a living planet into dead commodities).

    And few people tell them they’ve done something wrong; people seem to think that capitalism is natural and that there is no other way to do things.

    Nice poll.

  2. n8chz says:

    It seems “view results” does not reveal the fill-in answers provided for “other,” which are made available to me. Here are the ones received so far:

    an economic system in which all members seek accumulation of monetary capital.

    Saturday, Oct 19th 4:07AM

    statist bullshit

    Wednesday, Jun 12th 9:04AM

    system where profit is the only goal

    Thursday, Apr 4th 8:57AM

    wealth extraction

    Friday, Jan 4th 2:25PM

    The wage system

    Sunday, Nov 4th 9:35PM
    Friday, Jun 1st 8:10AM

    something that reduces living people, animals and ecosystems to a dollar amount

    Monday, May 28th 9:42PM

    how Marx defined it over a century ago

    Saturday, May 26th 9:32PM

    An unfree market in which state guarantees profit

    Wednesday, May 9th 11:01PM
    Wednesday, May 9th 8:54AM

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