Quotebag #77

“The American Centrists have detached ‘legitimacy’ from its supposed grounding in consent and now use ‘legitimacy’ to support secrecy which makes consent impossible.”—Marja Erwin

“I’m so tired of having to explain how the education I provide leads to employment. It leads to many other things, too. Work is important but it isn’t like we only exist to work.”—Clarissa

“ALEC is to politics as genetic engineering is to selective breeding.”—Poor Richard

“The notion that politics and economics are separate realms is a fiction.”—cholte

“Unfortunately, this libertarian willingness to generalize about the organization of governments as thinly disguised protection rackets does not extend to the necessary and inevitable concentration of power, wealth and bad faith in those successor organizations which would follow the collapse of the state-as-Leviathan.”—Jack Crow

“Politics does not have power. Politics serves power.”—Simon Critchley

“Still, after the man had left, the mothers who had sold their children felt empty and sad. They felt as if this act, done freely by themselves (no one had forced them, no one had threatened them) had not been performed willingly. They felt cheated as well, as if the price had been too low. Why hadn’t they demanded more? And yet, the mothers told themselves, they’d had no choice.”—Margaret Atwood, in Oryx and Crake

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