Quotebag #79

“If the human condition was immutable, we’d still be living in caves.”—Charlie Stross

“A good piece of evidence that capitalism is in crisis are the increasingly loud exclamations to return to a ‘real’ capitalism. Reminds one of the cries that the USSR was not a ‘real’ communism.”—Purple

“Capitalism, being based on a system of exchange, is inherently hierarchical. Because an exchange system privileges whomever is most able to say no, this advantage is cumulative and ultimately coercive to those on the losing end of exchanges.”—David Benfell

“I wonder if Western individuality is such a burden, that it tends to lead to low self-esteem. The individual against the world is a disproportionate affair.”—musteryou

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1 Response to Quotebag #79

  1. Prodigeek says:

    I love the Benfell quote. I’m hanging onto that one!

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