Quotebag #81

“Frankly, best theory? We exist in a cheap holodeck in 2043 on quarters that had been dropped in by a ninety year old George W Bush who wanted to live his chain of fantasy dream jobs. Fighter pilot! Oilman! Baseball team owner! Guv uf Texas! Pres-e-dent!… and he got fatigue[d?] before he could appoint himself astronaut. How likely that we’d ACTUALLY be stupid enough for Culture War? ”—David Brin

“When you say I need to find a job. You are essentially saying: Who wants to control me with money?”—Greg Sidelnikov

“I’ll give you an example I like to use. Say I’m walking down the street and I see this store and I am thinking, ‘They have Kettle Korn? Wow, I love this stuff. Let me get some.’ The problem: the owner of the store wants no black people inside. That’s his policy. This isn’t a government policy since discrimination based on race or ethnicity is illegal in the United States. But, this business owner doesn’t want blacks in his store. So when I enter, he tells me to leave because I am violating his store’s ‘liberty.’ I would argue that my individual liberty trumps his business liberty. A corporatist would say that the business owner can do as he pleases.”—Yves Smith

“Many libertarians speak as if it were possible to come up with a clean way to separate voluntary transactions from involuntary transactions. Once you have defined a transactions between parties A and B as voluntary, then you have a presumption that party C should stay out of it. What I am suggesting is that defining voluntary exchange may not be quite so simple.”—Arnold Kling

“A ‘strike’ that the boss gives you permission to take part in isn’t really a strike.”—Nestor Makhno, of the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project

“Maybe the determining aspects that really exists in our lives are: Physical usage, direct or mutual cooperative manifestations, and self-will. Yet somehow we insert money, government, and laws which actually work against the flow of the former REAL functions.”—afunctionalworld

“Capitalism has always been an exploitative system, which had emerged from a feudal system.. It doesn’t matter the definition you give to it! Trying to mix it with anarchy is suicide.. almost the same for communism which is a more broader [sic] concept.. you always fail trying to recover anarchism for a specific economic system, because you cannot predict what each person will choice [sic] in different moments.. unless you believe in a kind of misantrope [sic] scientific libertarianism..”—happyzero

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