Core political beliefs

Following in the footsteps of Vox Corvegis (2012-08-04), Nominatissima (2012-07-30) and Clarissa (2012-06-25):

These should be taken to pertain to me personally, not to the anagorist movement as a whole (very likely a distinction without a difference, but…) Anyway:


  • Power corrupts
    Because power corrupts, I have no difficulty rooting for, and siding with, the underdog, or anyone who I have reason to believe to be in a relatively disempowered condition. I am unabashedly biased in that I will side with employees against employers, tenants against landlords, debtors against creditors, and in general, individuals against institutions, before even ascertaining the facts of the case. After doing so, I might change my mind.
  • Information is power
    therefore reverse engineering is not a crime.
  • Nonzero tolerance policy
    If you’re trying to eradicate a phenomenon (however atrocious) entirely from existence, at some point the cost of eliminating that last remaining bit of whatever it is will be ginormous. That said, when it comes to War On Poverty, I’m a non-pacifist. Few goals animate me as much as proving Jesus wrong on that “poor you will always have with you” prophecy.
  • Degree, not kind
    It would be unconscionable to disagree with the non-aggression principle, but it is also the case that the implications of the non-aggression principle are shockingly anti-egalitarian. I suspect that this is because catapulters of the non-aggression principle tend to operate with the assumption that the difference between aggression and non-aggression is testable and dichotomous. I suspect a lot of facts about life are less than entirely clear-cut.
  • Social equality
    I strive to treat others as equals, barking neither up nor down the food chain.



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