Open letter to When Mitt Had A Spell

Here’s a probably-somehow-illegal deep link which probably won’t work anyway.

Here’s the actual text (the inclusion of which here probably violates someone’s intellectual property rights, but I’m a literally worthless human being so what will they do, sue me? Ya can’t extract blood from a turnip, ya know. The names have been changed (albeit in an anagram sort of way) to protect the innocent.


When Mitt Had A Spell has an immediate opening for an appeals and denial assistant.​ Individual would assist with the coordination of the member/​provider appeal process for all When Mitt Had A Spell Products.​ Candidate would gather data to identify discrepancies/​problems or issues and resolve them
amicably.​ All replies confidential.​ Please e-mail to


A prize of some sort is deserved by whoever comes up with the most apropos (while still “fair”) re-statement of the J.O.B. description to be found among the comments.

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1 Response to Open letter to When Mitt Had A Spell

  1. n8chz says:

    You really gotta love the use of the word “amicably.” Oh, and yes, it is a health insurer.

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