Quotebag #82

“The difference between a university and a vocational school is precisely that a university offers you more than an insight into a single discipline. This is why I always say that there was good vocational training in the sciences in the USSR but there was no education.”—Clarissa

“The central core of Communism is its one fundamental principle and defining goal, creating a society in which power, wealth, pleasure, and other aspects of life are shared equally, democratically, and freely. If that sounds like a utopia, I have no problem with that. If Christians can absolutely reject adultery, theft, murder, and so on, but humanity still regularly engages in these acts, why can Communists not in some sense embrace their ideals as in some sense absolutes that nevertheless make demands on us in the present?”—radicalprogress

“We are in desperate need of squatters areas, much like the developing world. Unused public land where people can set up shop and mostly be left alone.”—Purple

“Crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the black and red unite.”—Otto von Bismarck

“Let me put it this way: Google and Facebook are more powerful than any government, Apple definitely more powerful than Microsoft and Twitter can bring the whole lot crashing down.”—Carolyn Ann

“Black holes are beautiful, bizarre, fascinating, frightening; they follow from the laws of physics, and then break those same laws… they are the closest thing in the real world to a cosmic Cthulhu.”—the resident alien

“Markets are not places where equals meet. Markets are places were millionaires meet homeless workers.”—Peter Rachleff

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