Quotebag #83

“Just take anarcho-capitalism, perhaps tweak a few premises, change your semantics, and apparently you’re a ‘left-libertarian’!”—Shenlong

“Death to the mainstream!”—Summerspeaker

“Most people who blog on political or social issues, probably, fear what might turn up if the Human Resources Gestapo do a Google on them.”—Kevin Carson

“♥ Embrace your desires, don’t discipline them.”—Summerspeaker

“While some anarchists may contest the ideology’s association with criminals, losers, outcasts, queers, and rejects of all kinds, I passionately embrace this designation. I’ve no compunctions about declaring that my lack of status within the existing system goes light-years toward explaining my opposition to it.”—Summerspeaker

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पृथ्वी की उच्च किराया जिले में उद्यमिता कौशल अभाव
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