Quotebag #86

“Values plus Socialism tends to oppression. Socialism plus Liberty without Values tends towards an aimless mediocrity, Liberty plus Values without Socialism leads to injustice.”—John Madziarczyk

“I have long felt that one cannot be sure that a person has offered him- or herself voluntarily for work or a service if that person does not have an acceptable alternative; i.e., the means to cover his or her basic needs.”—Edward S.

“If you echo the belief in Christianity, saluting the flag, and pro-business beliefs of your superiors, you can get ahead fast in certain places.”—John Madziarczyk

“Apart from a handful of artistic careers, the sad truth is that deeply satisfying work for pay is squeezed-out toothpaste that can’t be coaxed back into its tube.”—Solidarity Economy editors

“It is a sad thing that anarchism is beeing [sic] distored from it’s original sense, but only by definition capitalism and anarchism is contradictions. It is very simple. The state and private property rests in the same principle of unpersonal property. If the master/ruler of the property is a king, dictator, CEO or elected president, it is still a form of government. Call it whatever you want- capitalism/statism.”—MrAnhape

“Derived from the adage that ‘we cannot trust an honest man,’ we (aka ‘society in general) institute flawed, unworkable or Catch 22- like social standards in a deliberate fashion.”—locumranch

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2 Responses to Quotebag #86

  1. Todd S says:

    Admittedly I’m not up on my theology, but I’ve often wondered how pledging your allegiance to a flag doesn’t violate the Christian prohibition against idolatry.

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