Quotebag #88

“Just be careful to keep your Hipster Gland in check. You don’t want to do the interview ironically.”—Matthew Benson

“Revolution is illegal by definition and its adherents are routinely criminalized.”—blackorchidcollective

“Some cultures used similar terms for ‘ripping someone off’ and ‘profit.’”—Unlearningecon

“Honestly, the area of economics is still a soft science. Part of what we need to do right now is develope more accurate computer models of how all economies work. It’s still pretty much a black box. We can’t figure out how to control it, if we don’t understand how it works fundamentally.”—Bri

“Once I started to dig deeper in that subject matter, I came to realize that markets don’t exist in the absence of states (regulations) and that the struggle isn’t people versus state; or business versus state; or people versus business and state, but people versus institutions.”—Todd S

“Charter advocates talk a good game about freedom and school choice, but private institutions which control public goods have plenty of incentives to be authoritarian—even tyrannical.”—Ed Schultz

“I think one of the differences between anarchism and panarchism is that anarchism draws on shared principles encompassing liberal values and moving beyond liberal values into socialist values, while panarchism rejects shared principles and all too often means cooperating with nasties and neo-Nazis who want the right to create a white cis hetero male supremacist dystopia in their county.”—Marja Erwin

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3 Responses to Quotebag #88

  1. Todd S says:

    I got quoted. I’m totally internet famous now!

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