Quotebag #90

“Perhaps this should also serve as proof that the market doesn’t always work in the favor of what’s desirable. Que: “That’s not the TW00 free market capitalism!”,”—Julia Riber Pitt

“Consumerism is not a byproduct of human nature; it is a disgusting system which turns human actions into malicious transactions.”—Anti Consumerism

“And while you would not have ‘profits over people,’ I don’t see how a market anarchist society could prevent ‘efficiency over people’ which could act in a very similar way.”—NoMoreSunsets

“I’ve got news for you: the market matrix is NOT moral. It’s quite possible to screw people over and succeed in business. It’s equally possible, and very common, to try your hardest to be ’employable’ and still get screwed-over. Your Robinson Crusoe acrobatics can’t conceal these simple facts.”—AndyN00bpwnr (h/t Jack Saturday)

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1 Response to Quotebag #90

  1. Todd S says:

    I’ve always considered “efficiency” to be a fundamentally anti-human concept. At the very least, it is anti-choice. At its worst, it is totalitarian. Sadly for the human race, “efficiency” has become a governing paradigm, and so will never be employed in any capacity but its worst.

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