Quotebag #93

“The bottom line is this: project management is a game you can’t win. If you come in way under budget and time, it’s as if everybody is going to think you’re a sandbagger and won’t believe your estimates again.”—David Shirey

“[Referring] to humans as an ensuing mob [isn’t] very nice.”—Mikey Hetherington

“The various binary distinctions libertarians make (voluntary/coercive, government/market, positive/negative liberty) fall apart upon critical inspection, and we then have to take things on a case by case basis in the fuzzy world of morality, trade offs and so forth.”—Unlearningecon

“For you and I and a lot of other college-educated people, the subordinate employee-customer relationships are a temporary thing to be suffered through. Some people will work under that situation though, for their entire lives. That is really not a trait of society that I want to perpetuate.”—Barnacle Strumpet

“If I performed an action that made me $100 and cost the world $90, that would technically be ‘positive sum’ (net gain of $10) but it wouldn’t be right.”—Michael O. Church

“I think people need to start approaching their own employment the way they’d approach a political cause: get a bunch of people together and help each other do it. Kind of like union membership, but without the part where you negotiate with capitalists for wages. I think this is how anarcho-syndicalism works.”—Zacqary Adam Green

“If you hear that ‘everyone’ supports a policy, whether it’s a war of choice or fiscal austerity, you should ask whether ‘everyone’ has been defined to exclude anyone expressing a different opinion.”—Paul Krugman

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