Quotebag #94

“I’m willing to grant that right-wingers can libertarian (they are really radical liberals), even if I think that their focus on negative liberty promotes an incomplete picture of freedom.”—Dave Hummels

“What I wonder: what the fuck is it about the exchange of money that makes people feel entitled to *disrespect*? When I buy services from someone, as a customer, I don’t treat that person like shit. Why would I? I get nothing but bad karma by being bad to other people.”—Michael O. Church

“You may also notice that, as well as a devout atheist, I’m kind of a crazy libertarian. (And even more of a crazy socialist. But we’ll get to that later.)”—writerJames

“I think the first rule, ‘People have a right to trade services and resources with the market, so long as they aren’t hurting others by doing so.’ is self-contradicting since any competition assumes ‘hurting others’.”—Aleh

“Is that the con’s blueprint for the New World Order? Art Linkletter heartily endorsed the game, and he certainly was fast friends with Ronald Reagan. You’re forced to get married, have kids, drive your car everywhere, and at the end of the game, there is no middle class. There is only Millionaire Acres and The Poor House.”—Pestone

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1 Response to Quotebag #94

  1. Poor Richard says:

    Re: “any competition assumes ‘hurting others’.”—Aleh

    Boo hoo. That’s a bit of crazy idealistic extremism, isn’t it?. A little hurt can be a good corrective or an acceptable cost. Granted, I often think Mother Nature (who most humans are imprinted on) goes overboard with her “war of all against all” but even Information can be hurtful.

    So not only is ‘People have a right to trade services and resources with the market, so long as they aren’t hurting others by doing so.’ not self-contradicting, its not stated strongly enough. It should be something like “not creating a net harm to others.”

    Before you object to “net harm” and all the evil ways that could be interpreted and twisted, I mean it purely in a just, humanitarian, and egalitarian sense.

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