Quotebag #97

“Heritage has an ‘economic freedom index.’ ‘Freedom’ has a specialized meaning to Heritage — financial regulation and regulation to protect workers’ health and safety tends to be treated as a decline in freedom.”—Bill Black (h/t Yves Smith)

“The Firm’s succinct relationship motto: Capitalism is a sufficient (though not necessary) condition to destroy liberal political freedom.”—dL

“Quite a few Libertarians work for the government or for government contractors. Money and security trump Libertarian principle.”—Carl Milsted

“If everyone was ‘working’ either producing or selling something, the resulting consumption that would be required to maintain that level of employment would leave us scratching at a scotched earth, wondering where out next morsel of food was going to come from.”—Challenged Species

“[T]he welfare reformers and unemployment haters will not have an answer for you OP, they wont even bother with a response other that to reiterate their belated message to ‘just get a job’…they have no paradigm outside their own little ‘I got mine’ eggshell of a world…”—Anonymous Coward

“If you tell someone (or say about someone) that they should just get a job, as though it’s that simple, you’re required to hire them.”—impudent strumpet

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