Quotebag #101

“Just keep in mind that, as an individual, you won’t know what they really think they know about you, but as a corporation you can buy complete information about anyone who hasn’t opted out.”—Cathy O’Neil
Crickets (in wooden perforated balls) and rabbits for sale on the back of a peddler's bike along Fuzhou Road in Shanghai CC-BY-SA Daniel Case

“Anarcho-capitalism is like running an MMORPG, finding a game-breaking exploit, and being all ‘Well nobody would do that to all the other players because nonaggression principle.’ And then not fixing the bug.”—Zacqary Adam Green

“During the time discussed, the government’s crusade against PGP suddenly stopped. Why? At the time, it was widely assumed that a crack had been found, and it sounds like there is evidence one way or another backing this article.”—John

“Regarding Taskrabbit? To riff on Hanns Johst: ‘Whenever I see the word “outsourcing,” I reach for my Browning.’ Outsourcing is anything but progressive, as a word.”—SocraticGadfly

“So, the sharing economy is a temp agency crossed with a Zynga game. Wonderful.”—Zacqary Adam Green

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