Bluehost Honors a Copyright Take Down of Islamaphobic Facebook Post

epiphanysvoice has suspended the websites of and . The takedown was perpetuated by the request of a self prescribed cyber bully expert. The man’s lawyer sent a request after his client copyrighted his own racial slurs. reports the content of his copyright from the open group on facebook refered to Muslim as “parasites” and “breeders.” Repeated attempts to resolve the take down were refused all day today. Contact by email and via webchat returned no answers except the website contained false information about the owner and CEO of Bluehost.
Interesting enough that a cyber bully expert would use racial slurs for condemnation of culture for reproduction, but to copyright your own hate speech takes balls of cash from lawyers, especially across international lines. The c4ss site had this to say about it. “Your hosting customer, who operates, decided to embarrass Oliver Janssens[1] in the worst and…

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1 Response to Bluehost Honors a Copyright Take Down of Islamaphobic Facebook Post

  1. Poor Richard says:

    Both sites are back online, but such incidents make me wonder how civilization, much less the internet, works at all. How are we not utterly lost in complete chaos and total madness? Or are we?

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