Anagorism vs. minagorism

Minagorist is to anagorist as minarchist is to anarchist. I hate mixing latin prefixes (prefices?) with Greek roots, so I was thinking along the lines of a Minimercatus Center, but that seems to suggest a miniature Mercatus Center rather than a center that is minimally mercantile (or mercenary). The minarchists get away with mixing Latin and Greek elements, therefore I should also have that privilege.

Just as minarchism (it would seem) concedes the point that humans, left to their own devices, will slaughter each other, minagorism concedes the point that humans, bereft of incentive, will probably “[spend] most of their time drinking booze, smoking weed, engaging in primate sexual acrobatics, and watching wall TV.” Just as minarchists view coercion as at least as evil as it may be necessary, minagorists view non-entitlement of survival (and in more advanced stages of minagorism, independence and solvency) as at least as evil as it may be necessary. The question is how to minimize the role of the market in society to a level just barely sufficient to light a competitive fire under the buns of the population that is just barely hot enough to incentivize just barely enough Gee-Dee-Pee to supply 100% of the population with three squares a day and a roof over each head. If people want to compete harder to obtain luxury goods, the minagorist position is that they’re entitled to their choice of lifestyle, as long as it doesn’t cost the rest of us any leisure time.

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