Quotebag #106

“Merely surviving is not enough to change the world, and we must change the world — change it so far that mere survival no longer has to be the sole criterion, the sole priority of our activism ”—James Butler

“The more we can tip the scales, the less it becomes about whether or not to cooperate and the more it becomes about who or what to cooperate with. The more it becomes about the difference between cooperation amongst equals and deference to authority. And then, maybe, we can start having some real talk.”—Mel

“We don’t know when and how we’ll end up being vulnerable on the web until it’s too late. Suddenly need insurance or a job? Maybe I’m not high risk but my on-line habits have profiled me as ‘risky’ or ‘not employable.’ Being a well-educated white guy won’t help.”—Greg Taylor

“Which ethnic group ‘owns’ land by right of original settlement is beyond irrelevant. None of us will ever figure out where we should go if we start reorganizing the world on this basis.”—Clarissa

“The more money you have, the more money you make. When you’re in debt, you pay penalties. It’s that simple.”—JimBoNZ

“On a side note, in no way did the Boomers steal the future from the Xers and Millennials. That stuff about housing prices and college tuition costs and non-dischargeable student debt and health insurance premiums and adjustable-rate mortgages and the death of private-sector basic research pushing PhDs into formerly BA-level jobs is Soviet propaganda designed to make capitalism look bad. It’s all lies, I tell you, lies!”—Michael O. Church

“For example, when we try to argue in favour of public education by stressing the value of degree-holders to the economy (rather than, for example, making the Humanistic argument that quality education is a fundamental right), we are endorsing the ideology of neoliberalism: when we allow the rules of the game to be set by the Corporations, the Corporations will win.”—voxcorvegis

Bottom Up, oil on canvas, by Fabrice de Nola, CC-BY-SA 2.0

“Chances are Big Data and the Internet of Things will make it harder for us to control our own lives, as we grow increasingly transparent to powerful corporations and government institutions that are becoming more opaque to us.”—Catherine Crump and Matthew Harwood

“Maybe if the government directly caused it, it can be believed — but anyone who the market’s decided shouldn’t be in possession of a life-sustaining supply of nourishment must have failed in some inherent, moral way.”—writerJames

“When I see local appliance dealers offering 5% discounts if you ‘like’ them on Facebook you know it’s the cheapest form of scrip ever printed.”—Roadkilt

“What’s great about America is that everyone has the chance to earn a good life for themselves. All that’s needed is to get a good job to earn the money to pay for the things that make a good life. Once you get that job you can start earning your good life. America’s Catch 22, however, is that you’ve got to earn that good job before you can start earning your good life.”—J. D. Alt

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