Quotebag #107

“How do you reconcile a right to resources based on making them ‘productive’ with the need for places on this earth that are not cultivated?”—Mel

“In 2002, I stood up to question law professor Larry Lessig at an American Library Assn. meeting about copyright issues where I said large corporations are the gorilla in the room because, if, as he was saying, we strengthen or expand ‘fair use’ exceptions for copyright, large corporations will very quickly expose and exploit loopholes that will undermine the rights of smaller copyright holders. If, however, we limit ‘fair use,’ we get the Mickey Mouse Police and abusive ‘cease and desist’ orders that also undermine ‘free speech.’ Lessig, at the time, belittled my concern, but a few years later, recognized the validity of the concern. He finally saw the gorilla in the room.”—Mitchell J. Freedman

“Is there such a thing as the ‘sharing economy,’ or are some people more interested in sharing, while others are interested in the economy?”—Tom Slee

“The power is where the data isn’t.”—Cathy O’Neill

“This unwavering faith in ‘bootstrapping’ often leads to a sort of perverse entrepreneurialism.”—Matt Cole

“I’ve always feared that if humans became technologically immortal, but if we did not succeed in ending scarcity, the first thing that an elite would do would be to create a “zombie” class of people who (like us mortals) lose most or all memory every hundred years or so, lest they acquire the knowledge that enable them to compete with the existing elite. They would continue to die (in effect) but be biologically maintained as peak-of-their-prime adults (to perform work, for others’ behalf) and probably conceive of themselves as immortal.”—Michael O. Church

“Anarchists on the right want a nation of guns, not laws. Anarchists on the left see a nation of guns, not laws.”—Dale Carrico

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