Quotebag 110

Every society in human history has been a meritocracy, with “merit” and “achievement” defined in terms of how well one serves the interests of the structure of power.
Kevin Carson

The only people who can afford to be apolitical or “above the fray”, after all, are the solid political winners. But until one is in that camp, one simply cannot afford to take that delusion on.
Michael O. Church

Act erratically and the potemkin village falls to pieces.
Ryan Carboni

The upper levels of society will always organize themselves around “seeing ‘em jump” since, as Tom Wolfe pointed out, that is the ultimate goal of privilege.
S. Carnahan

You would almost think that there was a relation between Google paying Mozilla large amounts of money and Google’s desire to get as much information from users as they possibly can.

Making it in our economy really does look like gang initiation rights when you think about it.

It should be on economists to prove where externalities do not occur rather than cases where they do.

Every time we hit even remotely close to full employment, it bombs out to 8-10% again. Markets are unreliable and insufficient in and of themselves at making sure everyone has enough.

What we wanted to do was to build a tool that made it easy for everyone, everywhere to share knowledge, opinions, ideas and photos of cute cats. As everyone knows, we had some problems, primarily business model problems, that prevented us from doing what we wanted to do the way we hoped to do it. What we’re asking for today is a conversation about how we could do this better, since we screwed up pretty badly the first time around.
Ethan Zuckerman

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