Quotebag #111

It’s funny how quickly the opposition will hide behind automation being a threat to replace low-end wage labor in relation to minimum wage laws, but then suddenly when we offer a different idea, they need those workers and the workers need their bosses.
One of the main reason “cloud” everything is being pushed is specifically because it makes things less secure. Always remember that.
It is hard to come up with a simple rallying cry – although Death to the Market would do me.
Cathy O’Neill:
Since programming and mathematics themselves are not accessible to the average person, simply making the code available does nothing to prevent a black box.
lucy mendes:
First they came for the manufacturing base. Then they came for equity held in homes. Then they came for benefits and government pensions. Now it is subdivision of autos and spare rooms, and those hours spent underemployed and nervous, subordinated to task rabbit-ing.

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